Ved is an external editor for VVVVVV levels!

When submitting a bug report, please provide detailed information if you can, like the versions of Ved and LÖVE you are using, and any error messages you get, but don't let that discourage you from submitting a report at all!
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About the statistics bar

In VED 1.4, the statistics bar is there to note some statistics about the level. Unfortunately, the stats do not show some key statistics: -Block count -Spike count -Enemy count -Moving Platform count -Crumbling Platform count It would be...
Samuel Lipsutz, 24.07.2018, 05:05
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crash when undoing after shrinking level size

i remember that one room was deleted when i shrunk the level drawmaineditor.lua:1307: attempt to index a nil value Ved version: 1.3.1 LÖVE version: 0.10.2 State: 1 OS: Windows Time since start: 98.69402113809 Plugins: (none)
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 18.03.2018
I may need some more info on this.

I've tried to reproduce this crash, but I can't get it to happen. Also, looking at the code, I have no idea how this could happen under normal conditions (like, not having a level bigger than 20x20 or something), even when shrinking a level and undoing that.

So could you tell me in more detail what you did? As far as I understand, you shrunk the level, then undid that, did Ved immediately crash? What size were you shrinking down to what size? Do you know what room you were looking at? You also mentioned a room being deleted, but in what way was it deleted?
ssv, 15.03.2018, 23:32
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move the order of scripts around freely

in the list of scripts, i would like to be able to move their order freely
lollipop, 12.01.2018, 03:57
2 votes Vote

add activateteleporter() to Int. script reference

activateteleporter() If there's a teleporter in the room, it will glow white and touching it will not annihilate your save data. May not work if there are multiple teleporters. this was used in the first tOLP
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 10.06.2017
Looking at the list of internal commands that is built into the script editor, it turns out I forgot to add all of these to the reference:


I'll add all of them to the reference, hopefully I can remember or find what they all do!

(note to self: for k,v in pairs(knowninternalcommands) do if LH[8].cont:find(k) == nil then print(k) end end)
StillSpelledViridan, 07.06.2017, 00:07
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Space Station Color -1

By putting "tileset="0" tilecol="-1" for a room, you can use some of the unpatterned space station tiles!
Pattoo1234, 18.04.2017, 16:25
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Ved Crashes Upon Opening

I got the following error details: drawlevelslist.lua:12: UTF-8 decoding error: Invalid UTF-8 Ved version: 1.0.1 LÖVE version: v0.10 State: 6 OS: Windows Plugins: (none)
Pattoo1234, 29.03.2017, 13:45
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Easier Tile Selection

I would like it to be easier to select things like the rainbow background in the Lab tileset and the Outside tileset tiles in the Space Station sheet.
weee50, 18.03.2017, 20:48
1 comment
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Easier to work with entites

Personally, I feel like when using Ved, entities can be pretty annoying to work with, so I had two ideas I wanted to share: 1. Ctrl + Right Click to delete without opening the menu 2. An option to include entities when pasting or moving rooms....
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 30.09.2018
Just going through all open ideas here; #1 was already possible as you mentioned, #2 (including entities on the clipboard) is still scheduled, can also be found here:
Colon, 11.02.2017, 22:45
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Space Station Color Names

Please give the colors in the space station tile set names instead of numbers. You could give them names like blue#1, blue#2, etc.
Pattoo1234, 14.10.2016, 16:49
1 vote Vote

lots of room entities are not stored in the clipboard this includes everything but spikes, enemy bounds, and the top-left corner for platform bounds
StillSpelledViridan, 30.08.2016, 19:47
2 votes Vote

Multi editing more crash.

I'm having a strange issue. In one of my rooms, attempting to use the mixed/multi editing mode causes a crash. Direct mode seems to work perfectly however. "roomfunc.lua:714: attempt to compare nil with number Ved version: b13 LÖVE...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 17.08.2016
Hmm, cannot reproduce it, but what tileset(s) are you using in that room? (After some testing it seems like the lab spikes aren't working properly in multi mode.) Were the spikes you were trying to remove at the edge of the screen? What tool/subtool were you using to get rid of the spikes? Can you reproduce the problem?
Anonymouse, 15.08.2016, 19:33
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2 votes Vote

enemies in Ved have a different color than in VVVVVV they seem to be derived from the outline color of whatever tileset is being used instead of looking at entcolours.png
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 06.08.2016
True, I should've used entcolours but for some reason forgot about it and thought colors were hardcoded in VVVVVV. Though, I implemented platform colors first, then just used the platform colors for enemies, and apparently they're not the same!

I'll look into how this works in VVVVVV exactly, maybe the enemy colors are even hardcoded.
StillSpelledViridan, 06.08.2016, 13:38
1 vote Vote

characters with the cursor over them are ignored
StillSpelledViridan, 26.07.2016, 19:19
1 vote Vote

easier internal scripts

You should add easier script index Eg: say(-1) text(1,0,0,4) say(2) teleport(2,2) (insert ending stuff here) but in the game it converts to: say(-1) text(1,0,0,4) say(5) flash(20) shake(10) playef(10) gotoroom(1,1) (insert ending...
lol---ipops, 09.07.2016, 02:18
0 votes Vote

if both [ and ] are held, let the cursor only move vertically and horizontally

right now if you hold [ and ] it just locks the cursor in place until one of them is let go, which has no use whatsoever and was probably implemented by accident
StillSpelledViridan, 07.07.2016, 02:43
0 votes Vote

User can still pick tiles in automatic and multi-set mode

Operating System: Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa LÖVE version: 0.10.0 Affected versions: β6 User can still pick tiles in automatic and multi-set mode by using LEFT CONTROL+LEFT SHIFT+ANY ARROW KEY or MIDDLE CLICK, however Ved does not show the tile...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 28.05.2016
Is this really a problem, though?
InfoTeddy, 14.05.2016, 04:11
1 comment
1 vote Vote

shifting rooms

let's say i've got this map: it's a nice map and all (not really), but i'd like to swap down all the rooms, one time, so that the green room is in the very center. instead of doing it manually, which would be a pain if the...
StillSpelledViridan, 09.05.2016, 17:26
1 vote Vote

"extended" scripting mode

somewhere in-between simplified and internal scripting, extended scripting would be the simplified scripting interface while featuring some features that originally weren't available in it such as changeplayercolour and having non-cyan text boxes...
StillSpelledViridan, 26.04.2016, 20:55
3 votes Vote

background and spike border lines

if i place some backing at the edge of one room, i want to be able to know where i should place it on the next room to avoid misalignment without having to look back and forth between the two rooms. same with spikes.
StillSpelledViridan, 13.04.2016, 18:54
0 votes Vote

Ved should show spikes on borders of adjacent room

InfoTeddy, 03.04.2016, 01:32
1 vote Vote

Custom Tileset Configurations

Being able to set a pattern using all the tiles and then having the program auto-tile them for you, including spikes, backgrounds and colors. Mockup:
QwertymanO07, 14.02.2016, 01:49
2 votes Vote

Custom Player Colour

How about you can choose what colour you start out with (any of the normal crewmate colours) then it creates 2 single scripts. colour iftrinkets(0,colour2) colour2 changeplayercolour(COLOUR THAT YOU CHOSE) Then it detects where there is a...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 13.12.2015
At first when I read this I thought it would be too complicated, but thinking about it more makes me think that it shouldn't be too hard.
Luigi_master1, 04.12.2015, 21:07
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Improving keyboard controls and tools

Adding on to the function that you can right-click on the spawnpoint tool to go to the room containing the spawnpoint, right-clicking on the tool should also point your cursor to the location of the spawnpoint entity, and Shift+Right-Clicking...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 31.10.2015
Instead of shift-right clicking, I will add a ctrl+P shortcut, because shift-right clicking is already a way to delete entities, and it would eliminate the imprecise mice completely.

The arrow keys are already being used to switch between rooms, but some shortcut to switch between moving between rooms and moving the cursor isn't a bad idea.

About the tab thing, yeah, I was planning to do it like that but currently the check if there are any input boxes on the screen is whether a text box has been selected.

There can't/shouldn't be multiple start points in a level, VVVVVV will choose one of them (the first placed one I think) and placing one will also delete the old one, so you shouldn't need cycling through multiple start points.

I'm planning to add a feature where you can make the map display the number of any entity in all the rooms.

Being able to increase the thickness of the horizontal and vertical fill tools is unnecessary in my opinion, and it would complicate matters.
InfoTeddy, 31.10.2015, 03:36
4 votes Vote

Ved integrating with the right-click context menu

How possible would it be to be able to have an "Open with Ved" option added to the right-click context menu when right-clicking on a VVVVVV level?
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 28.10.2015
This might turn out to not really be hard to do, not sure though. Definitely considering this.
InfoTeddy, 23.10.2015, 04:18
2 votes Vote

The ability to replace text, tiles, or entities massively

You should be able to replace text in a script with different text, not unlike Notepad++'s search and replace feature. You should be able to replace tiles as well, e.g. replace all instances of tile 69 in this room or in the entire level with...
InfoTeddy, 30.09.2015, 23:57
0 votes Vote

Outside background may be auto-changed differently than VVVVVV

Reported by Lollipop, see #ved on VVVVVV Discord, 16-12-2018 "placing outside backing in M&P and trying to edit it in ved causes it to not feel so good"...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 18.01.2019
Fixed in the next version (1.4.4 or maybe 1.5.0)
Dav999, 29.12.2018, 13:19
1 vote Vote

Limit the fps

Is it possible to limit the FPS of Ved? If no then please add this option to limit the FPS to 60 or something. It happened now the second time that my computer just instantly turned off because it was probably having a temperature of over 70°C...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 09.06.2018
Ved 1.4.0 will have an easier accessible FPS limiting option:
r00ster, 08.06.2018, 10:32
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The scale option soesn't work

First things first, I am using Ved 3.1.0 on my Windows 10 Laptop with a screen resolution of 1366*768 pixels and I totally love it, especially the advanced script viewer. The only thing that prevents me from using it all the time is the size:...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 10.04.2018
The scale option resets itself to 1 because the window wouldn't fit on screen (1792x960 in scale 2). The scale number becomes red to indicate this.

You can set the scale to a non-whole number, by editing the configuration file at %appdata%\LOVE\ved\settings.lua. Pixels might look a bit strange sometimes, but otherwise I think a scale of 1.4 would work well for 1366x768, or maybe 1.5 if the height of your window title bar plus the task bar are small enough.

I think I'll also make an option for non-integer scaling within Ved, so it'd be easier to customize the scaling if both 1x or 2x are not really an option.

[Edit] Ved 1.3.2 has much better scale settings, clarifying when a window is too large to fit, allowing non-integer input, and allowing the user to force the scale options.
Xrenon, 24.12.2017, 09:16
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show name/description/other info of selected level
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 26.12.2017
Added in 1.3.1
StillSpelledViridan, 16.12.2017, 05:40
0 votes Vote

ved still tries to correct gravity lines with changed variables

if a gravity line is supposed 10 blocks long, and i manually edit it to be 5 blocks long (even if it can still extend), the gravity line will revert back to 10 blocks long after i click anywhere else on the editor. what i'd recommend is some...
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 15.09.2017
As of Ved 1.2.2, gravity lines and warp lines don't autocorrect if their p4 is set to 1. (Also see my comment here)
StillSpelledViridan, 08.09.2017, 21:58
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