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"extended" scripting mode

somewhere in-between simplified and internal scripting, extended scripting would be the simplified scripting interface while featuring some features that originally weren't available in it such as changeplayercolour and having non-cyan text boxes float above the player, while still featuring the same basic layout to make scripting dialogue scenes much easier. building off from the simplified interface, it would add:

playercolour(colour), identical to changeplayercolour
createcrewmate(colour,x,y), identical to its internal version except actual color names could be used as well ("cyan", "brightyellow", "orange", "darkgray", etc.)
reply(colour,n), for if you want non-cyan text boxes above the player

and perhaps several more commands. the point of these is mostly for dialogue scenes, so that you can use basic cutscene-focused internal commands while not having to type "squeak(green), text(green,0,0,1), Hi!, position(green,above), speak_active" just to make verdigris say "Hi!".

StillSpelledViridan , 26.04.2016, 20:55
Idea status: under consideration


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