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crash when undoing after shrinking level size

i remember that one room was deleted when i shrunk the level

drawmaineditor.lua:1307: attempt to index a nil value

Ved version: 1.3.1
LÖVE version: 0.10.2
State: 1
OS: Windows
Time since start: 98.69402113809
Plugins: (none)

ssv , 15.03.2018, 23:32
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 18.03.2018
I may need some more info on this.

I've tried to reproduce this crash, but I can't get it to happen. Also, looking at the code, I have no idea how this could happen under normal conditions (like, not having a level bigger than 20x20 or something), even when shrinking a level and undoing that.

So could you tell me in more detail what you did? As far as I understand, you shrunk the level, then undid that, did Ved immediately crash? What size were you shrinking down to what size? Do you know what room you were looking at? You also mentioned a room being deleted, but in what way was it deleted?
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ssv, 07.04.2018, 04:41
the room was automatically deleted because it was in an area that was cropped off when the level was shrunk. ved immediately crashed after i undid. i think i went from 20x20 to 5x20. all i remember is that i was looking at the room that was about to be deleted.
Dav999, 10.04.2018, 18:22
Hm, for now this remains a mystery to me.

The error would indicate that either tile data or metadata for rooms is being deleted *completely*, which never even happens (not when shrinking a level either, Ved never really deletes rooms when shrinking a level. Unless you either open a new level or save and reload it, of course, but then the undo/redo stacks are also cleared.) And every time I've tried this, the room came back/was still there after undoing the shrink, and Ved didn't crash. I've looked at all relevant code and nothing seems like it could have caused a crash.

I'd love to be able to solve this, but the cause remains undetermined on this one.

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