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VED cannot find the file path...

What the title says. I have the latest version of VED, and It has the right file path, but It says it cannot find the "levels" folder there, though I have checked several times and it is there... any help?

Fiefens, 22.06.2019, 03:03
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Dav999, 22.06.2019, 13:32
What is the full path to your levels folder?
Fiefens, 22.06.2019, 17:20
D:\Users\whrauss\My Documents\VVVVVV\levels
Dav999, 22.06.2019, 17:47
I think the problem is "My Documents", the last version of Windows that used "My Documents" instead of "Documents" was Windows XP.

Also, make sure, when setting the path manually in the options, that you set it to the VVVVVV folder, and not the levels folder inside. So, try: D:\Users\whrauss\Documents\VVVVVV
Fiefens, 22.06.2019, 18:59
You are amazing. And the level editor is too! Thank you so much!!!

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