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Ved doesn't correctly count lines in scripts

Ved's line numbering is misleading. If Ved says a script has 10 lines, it will actually have 11 lines with the last line entirely blank. This has caused me confusion when trying to write internal scripts using Ved, especially when making internal scripts that are intended to be without cutscene bars.

InfoTeddy, 30.08.2015, 23:54
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 19.09.2015
Ved added an extra line to the last script when saving, this should be fixed in a25.

EDIT: It turns out this was confusion caused by the fact everyone has always been saying that you need to have ONE blank line at the end of an internal script without cutscene bars. That line is actually miscounted in VVVVVV, where technically there need to be no blank lines at the end.
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InfoTeddy, 08.09.2015, 03:03
Nope, Ved still adds an extra line to the script, even in α25.
Dav999, 08.09.2015, 17:54
Could you give me some more information, like a level file and to which script it happens and under what circumstances?

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