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Improving keyboard controls and tools

Adding on to the function that you can right-click on the spawnpoint tool to go to the room containing the spawnpoint, right-clicking on the tool should also point your cursor to the location of the spawnpoint entity, and Shift+Right-Clicking anywhere in Ved with the spawnpoint tool selected would do the same function as described.

This would allow for users to, for example, immediately after loading a level, press P and then Shift+Right Click because using the mouse is stupid and keyboard controls are way better than imprecise mice. Speaking of which, you should be able to use the arrow keys to move the tile/entity-placer around, and suggesting that made me go and change the title for my idea from "Improving Right-Clicking on tools" to "Improving keyboard controls in general".

And now I can go and suggest that pressing Tab to switch text input fields in level options and entity properties could be improved by adding that you don't have to manually select a text input field in the first place with a mouse to be able to press Tab to scroll between text input fields.

Anyways, Right-Clicking on the spawnpoint tool or Shift+Right-Clicking anywhere with the spawnpoint tool should do the function I described earlier, but when said function is triggered again using the control methods described, it should cycle through to any other entities with an entity type of 16. This makes it, for example, easy to find other spawnpoints in the level.

And you should be able to not only Right-Click on the spawnpoint tool or to Shift+Right-Click anywhere with the tool, to go to a room contained with any spawnpoint, and have the mouse cursor point to the location of a spawnpoint, and to be able to scroll through the spawnpoints, but to be able to do that for every entity (and I mean all of them, yes even script boxes). This would make, for example, finding trinkets easier.

Now that I think about it, the title should be "Improving keyboard controls and tools", not just "Improving keyboard controls in general".

When you hold ZXCVB to temporarily switch to a subtool that isn't a 1×1 tile placer, you should be able to select the horizontal/vertical subtools, and hold ZXCVB to temporarily increase the size of your tile placer on the axis opposite of the name of the subtool by the amount that ZXCVB usually increases.

When keyboard shortcuts are implemented for the horizontal/vertical subtools, you should be able to hold both ZXCVB and the keyboard shortcut to ach

InfoTeddy, 31.10.2015, 03:36
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 05.04.2019
Instead of shift-right clicking, I will add a ctrl+P shortcut, because shift-right clicking is already a way to delete entities, and it would eliminate the imprecise mice completely.

The arrow keys are already being used to switch between rooms, but some shortcut to switch between moving between rooms and moving the cursor isn't a bad idea.

About the tab thing, yeah, I was planning to do it like that but currently the check if there are any input boxes on the screen is whether a text box has been selected.

There can't/shouldn't be multiple start points in a level, VVVVVV will choose one of them (the first placed one I think) and placing one will also delete the old one, so you shouldn't need cycling through multiple start points.

I'm planning to add a feature where you can make the map display the number of any entity in all the rooms.

Being able to increase the thickness of the horizontal and vertical fill tools is unnecessary in my opinion, and it would complicate matters.

I'll mark this completed now, almost everything here has already been done, the only thing that hasn't yet is a feature to find entities, which the repo issue https://gitgud.io/Dav999/ved/issues/8 kind of covers.
Idea status: completed


InfoTeddy, 31.10.2015, 03:37
Apparently Ved has a maximum limit on the number of characters that can be in an idea, and I reached it. The last sentence should be "When keyboard shortcuts are implemented for the horizontal/vertical subtools, you should be able to hold both ZXCVB and the keyboard shortcut to achieve this desired result just described."
InfoTeddy, 31.10.2015, 03:38
Did I say "Ved"? I meant "Idea Informer". And you can't edit your comments on Idea Informer.

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