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The L is typed when using L to go back to the level select menu

Sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes it does. Regardless, still a glitch.

Info Teddy , 28.12.2015, 04:10
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 09.03.2016
This is a known bug - I noticed that it starts taking input when going to the editor after loading a level for some reason, and possibly in other cases as well (I'll have to find out where the line of code that does this is)

EDIT: I think I fixed it.
Idea status: completed


Info Teddy, 28.12.2015, 04:48
Why did I forget to set this as a bug report? xd
Dav999, 28.12.2015, 13:28
Didn't even notice that xd

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