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Copying/cutting rooms copies/cuts room names, pasting rooms does not paste room names

Basically, inconsistent copying/cutting/pasting room name support.

Info Teddy , 02.01.2016, 02:09
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 24.01.2016
In fact, room names are pasted but they're not copied, because copied room data is comma-separated and first I want to make sure everything doesn't mess up when a room name contains a comma.

EDIT: room name will now also be copied in a52, commas in the room name are replaced by accent aigus while on the clipboard.
Idea status: completed


InfoTeddy, 02.01.2016, 02:12
Can't edit my bug report, but...

OS: Windows 10
LÖVE: v0.10.0
Ved: α45

I will now add this to every bug report I do from now on. You should make sure everyone does it too.

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