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Internal script mode not working properly

So I type in my internal scripts (with the int. mode on), not using the "text(1,0,0,4)" and "say(x)", because Ved is apparently supposed to auto fill those in. Then when i go to test the scripts, it just comes up with a text box with things like "endtext", "#v" and "loadscript(stop)" and the proper scripts never execute. This means I have to input the stuff manually, which is not obviously want i wanted :P

DerpDepartment , 17.04.2016, 13:53
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 19.04.2016
Have you made a load script? Ved kinda assumes you know you have to make that for the internal scripts made with internal mode to work.

I'm gonna add a warning to the script editor that tells you if you attempt to directly load the script anywhere.
Idea status: completed


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