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if both [ and ] are held, let the cursor only move vertically and horizontally

right now if you hold [ and ] it just locks the cursor in place until one of them is let go, which has no use whatsoever and was probably implemented by accident

StillSpelledViridan , 07.07.2016, 02:43
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 02.04.2019
See https://gitgud.io/Dav999/ved/merge_requests/7
Idea status: completed


InfoTeddy, 31.08.2016, 06:42
>let the cursor only move vertically and horizontally
thats a really roundabout way of saying "let it move freely", unless you had some other idea in mind

>probably implemented by accident
nop xd
StillSpelledViridan, 03.09.2016, 14:50
as of right now, holding both brackets darkens the screen, except for two lines around the cursor:
given how holding [ only lets the cursor move across a light horizontal line, and ] is the same with a vertical line, holding [ and ] both at once should probably let the cursor move across those lightened tiles only.

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