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ved still tries to correct gravity lines with changed variables

if a gravity line is supposed 10 blocks long, and i manually edit it to be 5 blocks long (even if it can still extend), the gravity line will revert back to 10 blocks long after i click anywhere else on the editor.

what i'd recommend is some sort of "advanced" mode that will not try to correct gravity lines after they're placed.

StillSpelledViridan , 08.09.2017, 21:58
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 15.09.2017
As of Ved 1.2.2, gravity lines and warp lines don't autocorrect if their p4 is set to 1. (Also see my comment here)
Idea status: completed


Dav999, 14.09.2017, 23:55
How about gravity lines and warp lines are never corrected if they have p4 set to 1? As far as I know p4 is unused in VVVVVV and just initialized at 0, so doing this would have the following advantages:
- This info isn't lost when reloading the level, or when saving in VVVVVV and then loading in Ved
- It doesn't require changing the metadata entity, so older Ved versions won't need to start showing warnings and won't destroy it upon saving either
- It's neither all nor none of the lines at the same time
- It's really easy for me to program in

I guess I can also add a button to toggle this to the right click menu for gravity lines and warp lines.

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